News & Views Diary - 2002
23 Dec 02 - At last the Horse & Hound have replied to our mails, unfortunately in a very negative way.  It seems that as a periodical they are now only interested in hunting and political lobbying.  We won't buy H&H until this changes and hope others will withdraw their custom as well.  Read the text of Ms Higginsons letter to us by clicking here.     
                                 ***REFUSE TO BUY HORSE AND HOUND***

22 Dec 02 - We took part in a competition at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell today, this was the last event of the year for us.  We won the multiples class and  we had the best P&P score in all classes.  There was also a speed cones competition in addition to the real cones.  and we were lucky enough to win that.  The event was organised by Sally Edwards who also laid on free mince pies and mulled wine for everyone,  what a shame that there were only fifteen entries.  A lot of the cometitors turned out in fancy dress and a prize for the best was won by Janet and Hamish Macdonald.  See the winning entry by clicking  here.

06 Dec 02 - The Horse & Hound have a new editor, a Ms Lucy Higginson, and as part of her editorial policy there is to be no reporting of indoor driving,  not even the national finals.  Weird or what? We have emailed the H&H and got ignored, no reply, not even an acknowledgement.  So what can we do?..... DON'T BUY HORSE AND HOUND .....for one thing,  read it in the newsagent if you must, but don't buy it,  encourage your friends to do the same and we might hit them where it hurts!     Please remember:-

01 Dec 02 - Sunday, we went up to the Unicorn Trust today for some schooling with Barry Capstick.  It was lovely to get togther with some old friends, from various parts of the country, who we don't see regularly.  There was some bad news,  however,  that Barry has a sponsorship problem for the 2003 season and there could be a possibility that he will be unable to continue with his team driving unless money can be found, surely we must not let this happen to one of the best team drivers in the UK,  if you are able to help contact Barry ASAP.

24 Nov 02 - We went down to the Badgeworth event to spectate and support Janet and Jane, two friends of ours who were entered in the novice pony with Janets Fell called Kelly.  They won the class,  check out their day  by clicking here  but please be patient if you have a slow connection as there are loads of photos,  you should even consider making a cup of tea,  it'll be that long!   We were glad we we had not entered Boz and Tom for this event as the surface indoors was the worst sort of sand for driving on (or perhaps in) and it was very deep.  All the ponies and even the horses were struggling and it really was not fair on the smaller animals even though a wise decision was taken to hold the cones outside on a rubber arena and the obstacles were cut to three in number with the last one in the centre of the indoor arena where the sand was less cut up.  It's a pity about the surface as everything else is really nice and road access is good, but we will not consider competing here until the surface is better for driving which probably means a different material and that's unlikely to happen!

22 Nov 02 - We had our photo in the paper today, the Western Daily Press horse section, it was taken at the Hand indoor competition. We are going to spectate at Badgeworth on Sunday and check out if its better now with new management than it used to be.

18 Nov 02 - Won the multiples at Adlington yesterday, four wins in a row, well three wins and a first place at Gracelands, things are going well for us at the moment.  No more competitions now until Moreton Morrell just before Christmas although we are spending a day at the Unicorn centre with Barry Capstick and hope to improve our P&P performance.

11 Nov 02 - We were very excited with our P&P score yesterday at the Hand E.C. because we had a minus score for the Paces.  We had a paces score of 85 and when this was corrected it came to -1,  all that schooling just might be paying off as our final corrected score for Precision and paces was 18.2 (19.2 for precision and -1 for paces)

29 Oct 02 - There is a new version of the P&P ready reckoner see it here.  This one is much more understandable and using it is self explanatory.

14 Oct 02 - The Precision and Paces part of the competition is now worked out on a 60/40 basis.  We believe the weighting is in favour of the precision bit, but don't know for sure as nothing seems to have been circulated about it.  We will find out soon , in the meantime see the Ready Reckoner here.

11 Oct 02 - Friday - We are going to The Unicorn Trust today for some dressage training with Barry Capstick on Saturday, this always improves our performance and we greatly enjoy the experience as well.  On Sunday we are going straight up to Solihull for our first competition of the season .  See the results page for how we did.

12 Sep 02 - Bev Ball has done a new P&P test for the next indoor season and has put sex in it! 

08 Sep 02 - Just had a few days off work and have pretty well finished the lorry.  We have now installed the bulkhead and fitted a long and very large overhead shelf to take the poles, whips etc.  Got to sort out some way to carry a spare wheel now as I noticed in the conditions relating to our road rescue policy (from NFU Mutual) that we have to have one onboard, or at least a tyre.

24 Aug 02 - Saturday, We were invited to take part in a drive over the roads and tracks used in the Badminton Horse Trials.  We had a super time and the route was very scenic, in particular Boz loved it because it was all off metalled roads and although it was 10 miles long he was going like a train right to the end.  Afterwards we had a picnic provided by the organisers which rounded off a perfect day out.

20 Aug 02 - Tuesday,  we gave another demo to a pony club today and had a great time doing it.  This time it was the Bowns Hill pony club which is based near Stroud at the equestrian centre where we use the indoor school over the winter.

18 Aug 02 - Sunday, had a super drive with the Cotswold Driving Club at Pershore in Worcestershire.  It was at a TROT centre and was completely off road, through woods, along by the river Avon and along field headlands and over set-a-side.  There was a picnic afterwards provided by the organiser. The weather was very good and the company was brilliant. This is the first time for ages that we have done this sort of totally non-competitive driving event and we all really enjoyed it.

31 Jul 02  Wednesday,  we went to Bristol today to give a Carriage Driving demo to the Berkeley South Pony Club camp.  Every thing went well and even the rain stopped for a while.  The ponies really enjoyed the attention of all the young people and we had a nice lunch and a bottle to come home with.

21 Jul 02  -  The lorry is useable now and we are hoping to get out and about soon, the first thing we are doing is a demo for the local Pony Club who are at camp.

15 Jun 02 - Still going with the conversion, check out the 'New Lorry' page for news.

07 Jun 02 - We had the rubber mats for the back of the Roadrunner delivered this morning and hope to fit them over the weekend.

04 Jun 02 - The old lorry has been sold today and we are sad to have to part with an old and trusted friend.  It has carried us all over the place during the last five years and never let us down once.  We had a great confidence in its ability to get us to a show at the other side of the country and then get us back without any drama and at minimal cost.  The new one has a very hard act to follow and it will be a while before we are happy to go a long distance and be certain we will have no problems.  During the bank holiday we have fitted a new floor in the Roadrunner and are going to do some welding on the internal bulkhead next.

05 May 02 - Absolutely nothing has been done to the new lorry for a month now as we have been very busy doing renovations to our house.  I am having a few days off work at the end of May so will get started on the lorry interior then.  Meanwhile the ponies are enjoying a bit of a holiday and the puppy is fantastic fun.

07 Apr 02 - Went out to do a bit of work on the new lorry this afternoon and found that an old garage door had been blown into it by the wind overnight.  Brand new paint is scuffed here and there and the passenger door is dented.  Life is cruel !!! See it here

06 Apr 02 - We went to the Equus exhibition today to partticipate in an exhibition of indoor carriage driving.  Read about our experience and look at some photos by clicking here.

01 Apr 02 - We have got the new lorry and very nice it looks too,  now the hard labour starts to finish the conversion.  Its strange to think of our friends and fellow competitors who are at Keysoe for the national indoor finals which start today and we really wish we were taking part because the ponies have peaked at just the right time and are really pinging, they seem much better than last year, but its all OK when we see the reason for our absence. The puppy is growing fast and eating us out of house and home.

29 Mar 02 - The paintshop has called to say that the lorry is ready to pick up, we will get it tomorrow (Saturday).  We went to the Unicorn Trust today to catch up with some old friends at the Junior Clinic,  it was nice to see Jane, Barry, Stef and David again.

16 Mar 02 - Boz has been to see Richard Maxwell and he did need quite a lot of attention he is fine now though.  We did some schooling with him last night and he is back to his old self again.  Also Tom had a slight problem with his jaw and this has been sorted out.

14 Mar 02 - Although we have qualified for the finals at Keysoe we have decided not to attend because we are needed at home.
To view photos of the reason for this
click here.

07 Mar 02 - We have been asked to take part in a demonstration of Indoor Carriage Driving at the Equus 2002 exhibition in London Docklands.  We will be performing on Saturday 6th April at about mid-day. 

03 Mar 02 - The new lorry has been delivered to the paintshop today and will take about two weeks to complete.  We will put a photo up asap.

6 Feb 02 - We think that Boz is feeling his back again and so we have booked him in for Richard Maxwell to have a look.  Unfortunately this can't be done until 15 March so we will not be competing him until he has a clean bill of health and will have to miss out going to Adlington in early March to compete in the multiples.  Hopefully we will be able to persuade Tom to go it alone in the Open pony at The Hand on 10th March  and get the pair back together after Richard has had a look at Boz the following week.