News - 2005
11 Dec 2005 - Tom seems to like being barefoot, it's almost a month now and he has not been foot sore at all.  We are using Swiss Horse Boots on all four feet when we do road work and have been most impressed.  Even with Tom's tiny feet the boots don't twist or work loose and we have trotted him in his cart for over two miles at a time.  And they are not showing any signs of wear yet. Have a look at their website by clicking here.

20 Nov 2005
- Moreton Morrell College Warwickshire. The weather was not good, cold and foggy but we were very excited because it was Owens first outing with Tom along for the ride this time. The P&P went far better than expected and we got a 38.  In the cones we only had one ball down but did have time faults.  The first two obstacles went very well and were uneventful.  We decided to call it a day at this point and went home.  Owen performed far better than we expected him to and enjoyed the whole experience.

14 Nov 2005
- We took Tom and Owen to the Hand EC at Cleevedon on Sunday and entered Tom in the Open Pony,  Owen spent the day in a stable.  Tom was Third to James Broom and Barbara Nadin and we are proud of his effort considering his size and the fact that this was his first event for eight months.  Owen is performing at Moreton Morrell next weekend and Tom has had his shoes off as we have given up trying to keep them on so we are going to have a go with him barefoot.

02 Nov 2005
- Owen performed well at the schooling weekend but it has brought home to us the enormity of the task we have to face in getting him up to speed in competition.  We have decided to take it easy and not push him just yet,  we feel there is plenty of time and are aiming now for the 2006/7 indoor season with him.  Tom is fine everywhere except his front feet but we do intend to compete with him wearing his bootees, starting at the Hand event in a few weeks time.  We are instructing a new ultra-light weight backstepper for this and are looking forward to a jolly good time and who knows, maybe a good result.  We have ordered a 4.75 revolving wide port fixed cheek Liverpool from Neu Schule and hope this might arrive in time, unfortunately it is not a stock item and has to be made specially so it might be a little while.  We have put some new hubs on our wrap around 2-wheeler because the bearing seals would not stay in on the originals and the bearings filled with sand.  The only other thing we have done is to paint everything inside the stables and very nice it looks too.  

08 Oct 2005
- Well, the indoor season has started but we are still thinking what to do next.  Tom has had all summer off to give his feet a rest and we were certain we had the problems behind us but it seems they are back.  We really don't know what to do now.  On a brighter note, Owen is getting better by the day and we are going to take him away for a weekend of schooling with Barry Capstick in a couple of weeks, we hope this will be a great benefit and would really like to come back home with some proper paces.  Watch this space.       

21 Aug 2005
- Even bigger gap than ever.  Tom is now back to steel shoes and we are starting to think about getting him a bit fitter in anticipation of the next winter season.  Owen is doing well and is getting better every time he goes out both riding and driving.  We have had a major expense with our lorry and had to fit a new power steering box when the old one started leaking, and we painted the wheels with aluminium paint.  We have spent some time lately helping organise a driving trial event and it was quite successful. House still not sorted.     

14 Jun 2005
-  Owen's training is going well and he is now doing four mile trips out through the local town centre and does not seem to worry about traffic at all but, most important, he is enjoying the experience.  We are very pleased with his progress.  Tom has just had his second set of plastic shoes on the front and hopefully this should sort him out.

28 May 2005
- Big gap since the last entry and lots has happened.  We lodged Tom and Owen at a friends for a month to do some serious work with Owen regarding getting him in a cart, keep Tom off hard surfaces while he has plastic shoes on and to enable us to re-build our little yard at the bottom of the garden.  All aims have been achieved and Owen is now pulling one of our four wheelers with Jacqui in it,  Tom's feet are growing well and we have re-done the yard including raising the roof level of the stables by about two feet so we are well pleased with things.  We have spent some time repainting and refurbishing a two wheel vehicle which we will use for Owen and have been busy re-wiring the side marker lights on the lorry, so all is well pony wise.  Just the house to do up now and then we are due a bit of a rest.

26 Apr 2005
- Over the last few weeks quite a few people who watched Tom's P&P test at the Indoor Finals have commented on the high score we were awarded.  Because of this we dug out the score sheets we were given after the test and checked them.  Unfortunately we found an error, the adding up on the sheets was correct but TEN faults had been added on to our P&P score, this is over 25% increase!  We assume this was a typographical error.  We were given a score of 49 but this should have read 39.  We informed the IHDT people but what can anyone do in a situation like this?  The sad thing is that we should have been 6th with a score of 185.24 and not 10th, this would have put us in the rosettes and Tom deserved it.  The moral of this tale is, always and without any exception, check  your scores.  If we had done this we would not be disapointed but then you don't expect to have to doubt scores at a national final.

04 Apr 2005
- We spent three days at Keysoe for the National Indoor Finals and got back home yesterday.  Tom qualified for Open single pony and did us proud although we were  under-horsed for the type of competition set.

20 Mar 2005
- There was a competition today at Yorkley but we decided not to enter Tom as it is so close to the finals so we spent the day being officials instead.  Tom is fine, just a little unfit in the wind department because we have been very careful about too much roadwork.  Owen is coming on, but we are not doing very much with him until the Keysoe finals are over.  He is long- reining like a veteran now and is being ridden out regularly,  we hope to get him driving in a cart next month and hopefully spend the summer preparing him for next years indoor season. We have bought another cart secondhand for Owen as we feel he will be happier in a two wheeler to start him off with his competition career.

27 Feb 2005
- We competed at Yorkley today and came 2nd in the Open Pony.  The surface was very deep and we had to ease off dramatically in the last two obstacles.  We probably won't use Tom here again as we feel he could damage himself if the surface is not improved.  Read the story on the results page.

25 Feb 2005 - Had our entry forms through for the National Indoor Finals at Keysoe come today.