News - 2006
03 Dec 2006 - Today we competed at the Hand with Tom in Open Pony because Ollie was not ready after his bad leg.  Tom was not very fit and we decided to use our 2-wheeler because we had not competed with it before.  We were third after the P&P and Cones and were quite safe until we tried a different route to the one we had planned in obstacle 3 and dropped two balls this meant we finished up in 5th place.

27 Nov 2006 - Ollie has cut his knee and it turned septic so we have a course of anti-biotics to give him.  We are using liquid medicine and he rather likes the taste so it's easy to administer.  Unfortunately it means a couple of weeks off for him

25 Nov 2006 -
Unfortunately the last event at the Hand EC was cancelled due to building work on the indoor school so we have not done a lot for the last couple of weeks. We are looking forward to the next event and hope to be a little more competitive but not too much as we don't want to overstretch Ollie. Good news is that Tom's sarcoid has finally dropped off.

04 Nov 2006 -
We built an indoor type obstacle and practiced cantering today.  Ollie responded well and hopefully we can use his new pace next event at the Hand

29 Oct 2006 -
We competed with the pair at the Hand EC today.  This was Ollies first ever time indoors and he did really well.  We decided not to do any more than a trot for this event and were not expecting much so we were surprised to find ourselves in second place after the P&P.  The cones went OK with two balls down but loads of time faults because of our trot only decision, so we dropped to third.  The obstacles were driven cleanly but again at a trot and consequently took a lot of time,  this dropped us to fifth in a class of six. 

27 Sept 2006 -
Arthur the Whippet puppy had his operation this morning.  He seems to be fine and was very glad to be home again this evening.  We hope this is the last we see of a vet for a long time, it's all getting a bit too expensive. 

23 Sep 2006 -
Tom has had his last treatment (of three) today with some sort of very agressive cream which is supposed to get rid of sarcoids.  Fortunately he does not apear  to be suffering at all  and we hope this will be an end to the problem.  Meanwhile Ollie is doing his thing as a single for the time being and this should benefit him greatly. 

16 Sep 2006 -
We put Tom and Ollie together Tandem today.  Ollie in the wheel was a bit silly because he was very well after a weeks rest but he did the job and got his first experience of Tandem driving over with.  Tom has a little sarcoid which is going to be attended to next week so he will be off work for a fortnight and this will enable us to concentrate on Ollie as a single for a while.

08 Sep 2006 -
Ollie had his wolf teeth out today.  He seems to be feeling just fine already but we will give him a week off driving.

02 Sep 2006 -
Just back from a holiday in Wales with the ponies.  We all had B&B (including the ponies and the dogs) and drove the tracks in the Crychan Forest in Carmarthenshire we all had a great time and hope to repeat the experience.  Photo here   This a link to where we stayed

21 Aug 2006 -
We entered a one day event yesterday,  really we wanted some schooling time with the ponies as a pair and we were very surprised when Ollie took his lead from what Tom did and gave us a nice days sport.  We did not disgrace ourselves at all and had a super day.

23 Jul 2006 -
The pair training continues and is going well.  We are doing it on a friends farm (some more pony drivers), not only is this local to us but also they have some ten miles of grass tracks which are kept mown and this is enabling us to step our training program up a gear.  We feel we should be OK for the holiday in about five weeks time, it's really just getting the ponies fit now.

08 Jul 2006 -
We have just got back fron the Badminton Drive and what a super event it was.  Ollie and Tom performed perfectly and they did not put a foot wrong during the 8 mile, all off road route.  Ollie found the woods a bit frightening at first because a lot of the tracks were only just wide enough for the cart but soon settled down and after a mile or two really enjoyed it.  Tim and Mary Davis did the organising in an efficient and relaxed way as they always do,  the route was stunning and perfecty signposted and the picnic after the drive was lovely.  What a perfect day. The photo on the Home page shows us about half-way round,  don't they look good considering Ollie has only been driving less than a month and this was only the second time as a pair.

02 Jul 2006 - 
Put Tom and Ollie together as a pair yesterday and they both performed really well,  We have left it a bit late but feel confident to take the pair on the Badminton Drive next weekend.  This is a lovely annual event which is all off road over the tracks of the Badminton estate so it should be just the job to get Ollie settled into his new role.  View a (rather fuzzy) photo here.

28 Jun 2006 -
We had the equine dentist out today and he says that Ollies wolf teeth have to come out.  We will have this done soon, poor old Ollie.

25 Jun 2006 -
Ollie went out on the roads today in his cart without a lead.  This is a major step and he behaved perfectly.  He walked and trotted and negotiated a road junction without any drama.  We hope this continues as we plan putting him with Tom as a pair next weekend.

24 Jun 2006 -
What a performance the PC problem has been.  I think we are OK now but it has been a big, big issue .  We still have not got most of our photos but that should be resolved soon.
Regarding the ponies Tom is fine, as always,  and Ollie is learning fast. We are driving out on our busy roads with him now and he seems very content with his lot.

07 Jun 2006 -
The PC has gone belly up and only boots intermittantly so this is being posted quickly while it is working.  I am going to get another one soon but it will be a little time before everything is up and running because I have no backups and only installed programs that I have bought over the internet.  Unfortunately one of the symptoms of the current problem is a complete loss of my E  hard drive which is where all my downloads were stored so I can't access that,  its just a matter of trawling round and trying to restore it all.  See you all soon.

20 May 2006 -
Ollie and Arthur are both well established now. Ollie is no trouble at all but Arthur is causing mayhem,  just as well we like it.  We have started long reining with Ollie and he is very happy to go along with our wishes - thank goodness!  

04 May 2006 -
Fortunately Ollie is settling in well and is no trouble at all so far.  Just as well because we have today picked up Arthur our latest Whippet so we have two new members of the team in less than one week.  More news regarding the new additions and some photos featuring Ollie and Arthur will follow soon,  watch this space. 

01 May 2006 -
Owen has moved home and his place has been taken by Ollie a full size Shetland who is not trained to drive.  We are going on a driving holiday in August with our ponies so we have to get a bit of a move on if we are to take Tom and Ollie as a pair,  we hope it goes well but as Ollie is a very sensible chap we don't envisage great problems.

10 Apr 2006 -
We are getting another whippet in about three weeks time. 

26 Mar 2006 - 
Spectated at the Indoor Nationals yesterday on P&P and Cones day.  Lovely to see people we have missed for a year now.  The weather was good and the competition looked hot.  There is a proposal to have a small pony class next year and this would be great for us because it would give Tom a purpose in life.

26 Feb 2006 -
Not doing anything much at the moment,  no competitions and not trying to qualify for the indoor finals.  Really not much to report other than we are looking forward to summer and warm weather again.

01 Jan 2006
- Happy New Year.  We had a bit of time spare over the Christmas holidays so we put Tom and Owen together as a Tandem and they performed very well.  We started by staying off road for a bit then took them to the next village and back with no problems.  We have also driven them through an indoor-type cones course and an obstacle,  slowly but with no troubles so we are very happy with that.  We have also been helping a friend put a pair together and that is also going well, so several satisfying horsey projects are on at the moment.  Photo here.