News - 2007
24 Dec 2007 - Hired a local indoor school today for some tandem schooling.  It went well and we are looking forward to turning out in public next year.

16 Dec 2007
- Back to Moreton Morrell and boy was it cold.  We were generously marked on the P&P, the cones were driven clear but three seconds too slow and the obstacles were not far out  of contention which was quite pleasing as we are still only using third gear and  there are another two to go.  We ended up 4th out of a multiples class of eight and were well pleased.

11 Nov 2007
-  We went up to Moreton Morrell today for an Indoor event.  Tom and Ollie exceeded our expectations by being in the lead after P&P and Cones and only slipping to second place after the four obstacles.  To say we were chuffed is a massive understatement.  There were eight competitors in our multiples class,  from horse pairs to very fit and experienced pony pairs so it was'nt a walk over. It was nice to be back in the thick of a competition again after so long away.

29 Sept 2007
- Well we have done it.  We put Tom and Ollie together as a Tandem today and everything went perfectly.  The interminable run up of long-reining and ridden tandem has worked again.  We used the pram and did'nt have traces on Tom but they both behaved  impeccably.  We need lots of practice now and some very gentle indoor competition which we will use as a schooling exercise.  If you want to see a photo of them it's  here.

06 Sep 2007
- Things have gone well enough for us to order a  few bits of specific tandem stuff from Plas to fit Ollie.  Hope to get them together in a cart later this month.

12 Aug 2007
- We have not been doing much with the ponies lately,  the tandem training is continuing although a little slowly as and when we can get to it.  Ollie is big enough and strong enough to be ridden so some time was devoted to training him to accept ridden aids and he has been walking and trotting around with Tom in front in long reins and is quite happy as he likes to follow.  This system worked well for us last time we put a tandem together so we have high expectations for this one.

14 July 2007
- This is the annual drive around Badminton roads and tracks organised by Mary and Tim Davies.  We took Tom and Ollie as a pair and had another lovely day out driving and a super picnic when we got back,  the weather was very kind too although the horse flies were gigantic.  We were quite close to the biggest herd of deer we have seen and this added  to the experience.

10 Jun 2007
- We went to Shakenhurst today and took part in a fun day there organised by the Wolverly club.  It was very laid back, a lot of fun and all in beautiful surroundings, and it finished early enough to drive sixty miles home and still catch the F1 in Canada. Lovely day out with the ponies.

12 May 2007
- Went to spectate at Windsor, we were lucky with the weather and met up with lots of driving friends.  The new obstacles were very plain although moving some of them to a much more public area is a good idea.  We have been given a cart which will fit our shetland,  it's in a bit of a state so will be rebuilt as a summer project. 

15 Apr 2007
- Took a trip to Arena UK at Grantham today to watch a BDS driving event.  It was a good day and we enjoyed ourselves but it was quite a distance to travel.

01 Apr 2007
- Went to the Indoor Finals at Keysoe, Bedfordshire today and met up with lots of our driving friends.  We do miss the competition a bit but are looking forward to next season when our ponies should be good enough.  We bought a half cup blinker bridle from Plas which didn't fit so we sent it back for alteration.

11 Mar 2007
- We were going to compete at the last Yorkley indoor event but decided not to due to the rotten weather and high winds.  We thought that the Severn bridge would be closed so we sat it out, went to the garden centre and spent far too much.  This weekend we are going for a long off road drive so long as the ground is OK or a short one if it's not!

04 Feb 2007
- Competed at the FOD Equestrian Centre at Yorkley today, we gave Ollie a little more to do and he performed brilliantly.  Unfortunately an unforced error in the obstacles meant we got the big 'E' but we were well pleased with third place after the P&P and cones phases in a multiples class of eight.

26 Jan 2007
- Via a friend we have managed to get use of an indoor school which is very local to us and has a super surface for driving.  It's not full size but it is certainly big enough for our little ponies,  we hope this will be the answer to keeping Tom and Ollie fit during the wet, winter season. Still miss Charlie things are not the same without him around.     

02 Jan 2007 - 
Sadly Charlie our Jack Rusell terrier had to be put down today.  He lived with us for fifteen years and made himself a big part of our life.  He was in a lot of pain at the end but he did not complain at all and was a loving and loyal companion right to the last.  Charlie will be greatly missed and has left a hole which will be very difficult to fill.  RIP.

01 Jan 2007-
Happy New Year We took the ponies out for a long off-road drive today, it was great to do about eight miles all on grass tracks.  And we did'nt have any rain at all!