News - 2008
28 Dec 2008 - The ponies have been on holiday at a friends for a few days.  They are there because they are taking part in a long-reining demonstration next month with four people/ponies  doing a sort of long-reining quadrille to music. 
Tom and Ollie are two of the participants and are having lots of practice.                 

24 Dec 2008
- Got the van, tried the cart and everything is good and fits well.  No towbar so we have booked it in to have one fitted,  not until January 8th though.

22 Dec 2008
- Lots of good news.  Alan is returning to work in January and is going to do part time hours, at least initially,  he will be working two days one week and three the next so that's great.  We have had some problems loading the cart into the back of the pick-up and with one person it's practically impossible so we have changed the towing vehicle yet again. 
We have bought a Vauxhall Vivaro with back windows which will take the cart easily and is very low to load.  It has a 140 horsepower diesel and a six speed gearbox so should be fine for towing our little trailer.          

10 Dec 2008
- It looks as though we will not be able to get to any events before Christmas for various reasons but we are continuing with schooling the ponies and hope that the new year will be better in many ways than this one has been.

26 Nov 2008
- The new trailer has arrived and is in use,  the lorry has been sold without us advertising it and Alans new workshop has been built, electricity to be installed next week then we can put up the fairy lights for Christmas.........  

01 Nov 2008
- We have bought another trailer and are picking it up next week.  This should make getting the ponies around much easier in our present situation because Alan will not always have to be there to drive the lorry. 

26 Oct 2008
- Earlier this year Bellcrown Carriages from Hampton Heath in Cheshire, who have been our carriage maker of choice for some years, went into administration and ceased trading in Great Britain.  It seems however that the USA side has continued to operate and the web address is this: .  A check on 'Whois' shows that the website is hosted in Gloucester UK and the owner is based at Hampton Heath Industrial Estate in Cheshire UK.  How odd, the plot thickens.

12 Oct 2008
- Alan is feeling good and is almost back to normal.  The ponies are back in training and are clipped out,  they are doing lots of tandem work now both driving in the four wheeler and riding.  We have the tooth man coming tomorrow so they will have a day off.  Hopefully we will be able to enter one of the winter competitions this year and we will probably go to the David Broome Event Centre at Crick near Chepstow because it's close and cheaper than most.

15 Sept 2008
- It's nearly six weeks since Alan's operation and he is getting much better.  He goes for a walk every day now and is feeling stronger although he still gets tired easily.  A side benefit  has been a fairly considerable weight loss although he is working hard at putting at least some of it back on!

28 Aug 2008
- Alan has has started to recover from his surgery but it looks as though things are going to take a little longer than we had hoped, he's not allowed to drive for six weeks and because his abdominal muscles are in tatters he won't be able to do much work for a long time.Everybody has been really nice and helpful and a very good friend transported Ollie to the Tanhouse ODE where he got second in the small pony class.  Alan could not attend the event but we are all very pleased with Ollies performance.     

31 Jul 2008
-  Alan's illness is dragging on, we hope to have it sorted on Aug 6th when he goes in to hospital for some surgery.  He should be in for a couple of weeks at the most and then a time for recovery and then we can get back to the ponies education.

21 Jul 2008
- The Badminton drive was postponed due to the wet weather,  it was held a week later but we were unable to go due to work commitments.  Maybe next year.

25 Jun 2008
- What a gap! We have done nothing with the ponies except schooling for a couple of months now because of Alan's illness.  Regarding bits for Ollie,  the PeeWee did not work well as a driving bit and so has been left for riding where he is very comfortable.  We are currently trying a Denny Dual Action bit for driving, (  initial impressions are very favourable and it does have brakes. We hope to get some competition in soon at a local ODE and there is the Badminton drive to look forward to. 

22 Apr 2008
- We are pushing on with the tandem and now the clocks have changed we hope a little more progress will be made. For the tandem we have dug out the old Bellcrown Demon, the one with the pink wheels,  we had not used it for ages and had forgotten what a pleasant vehicle it was.  It's rotton shame that Bellcrown have gone into liquidation because they made some really nice carts.

22 Mar 2008
- Blimey,  is it really a couple of months since the last posting?  Not much has happened,  just coldish, wetish, darkish days, can't wait for the clocks to change then perhaps we can get a bit more done with the ponies.  We clipped them out the other day and had a trusted farrier to come and check out their feet.  He was impressed with the state of them so at least we have got that right.  We bought a new truck,  it's a 4-door Ford Ranger 4x4 pickup so we can carry a cart in the back and tow a trailer,  the lorry is going to be too much of a luxury with retirement looming. That's about it really,  more soon.        

12 Jan 2008
- The new bit seems to be OK.  There are a number of options regarding severity and the ponies both like it,  so much we are thinking of getting another.  One of the main things is that the mouthpiece is quite thin and so does not take up much space in a small mouth.

06 Jan 2008
- We had a new bit come a couple of days ago that we ordered last year, It's called a Pee Wee after it's inventor Pee Wee Stephenson. Read all about it at .  So far it is delivering what we wanted but the evaluation continues although it does seem to be quite promising so far.   

01 Jan 2008
- Happy New Year