News - 2010
22 Aug 2010 -   Alan has retired now and we are starting to think about the winter season.  We went to the FODDTG club championship today and won the small pony class with Ollie.  We were very pleased with him because he has stepped up a gear and was cantering all through the obstacles.  Ollie was very pleased with us because he got some Guiness with his grub tonight.   .
Here are some photos
taken by Erica Rye.      

17 July 2010
- Ollie took us both and the Demon 4-wheeler round the roads and tracks of the Badminton estate today when we attended the annual drive .  He behaved well and was not even puffed at the end. The event was very enjoyable and the picnic at the end was super.

20 June 2010
- We entered the driving trial at the Three Counties Show at Malvern today.  Tom was by himself in the Mini Crown 2-wheeler because the event was run to indoor rules and Jac could go single handed with no groom.  We were pleased to get 2nd in the Open Pony class.

31 May 2010
- We had a really nice drive out with Ollie single in the Demon today.  He behaved himself perfecly even though part way through the drive we went past a classic car rally venue at chucking out time and had to contend with an awful lot of traffic for several miles on the road home. 

11 Apr 2010
- Jac did go to the finals on the 9th and 10th backstepping for Janet Macdonald in the pairs class.  They had a reasonable P&P but got three balls down in the cones and even though Janet was dead on with the time this put them down in fifth place.  Janet did her best in the obstacles to catch up and was very close to taking it as less than 1 point covered the top three at the end but the final result was a very well deserved third place. 
Final pairs results: Jo Sore - 176.54,    Minta Winn - 176.86,   Janet Macdonald - 177.44.    

06 Mar 2010
- We went to the last South West area event of the indoor season at Srtetcholt today.  There was a much better parking arrangement in operation with a field earmarked for lorries and trailers.  Incredibly this was the first serious tandem driving since last November and did it show!  We had a good P&P with a score of 22 and everything went downhill from there.  The cones were not too bad until after gate 10,  Tom decided to do a couple of the earlier gates which had already been driven clear on the way to the finish and we knocked balls down on both.  Then to the  obstacles,  they were tight but that is no excuse,  we took a long time doing pretty routes and achieved our worst score for ages.  In spite of all this we have qualified for the National finals at Keysoe but will not be going because we feel that the tandem is not yet competitive enough and we would rather give it another year to improve rather than go in April and just make up the numbers.    Photo at Stretcholt Farm here   

14 Feb 2010
- Tom competed at Stretcholt again today (some photos here).  The weather was good and we were third in Open Pony with a score of 158.5.  We will probably put the tandem back together for next months event but might take the silver carriage and go pairs or maybe Ollie could have a go by himself in the Minicrown.   I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.  

10 Feb 2010
- Ollie seems fine now but we will give him one more event off and have entered Tom in Open Pony on Sunday at Stretcholt.

24 Jan 2010
- There was an event at Stretcholt today and we entered Tom in Open Pony because Ollie was still recovering from a pulled muscle and that ruled the tandem out.  Tom used the Minicrown and did really well with a cracking P&P, we finished up third with 154 which is not bad for a ninteen year old 39 inch pony who has been a tandem leader for the last year and a bit.  

17 Jan 2010
- Now the roads are clear of snow we had the chance to drive Tom in the Minicrown.  It was fine,  click here to see a photo.

16 Jan 2010
- The snow is melting fast which is good.  Ollie has become lame which is bad.  The Stretcholt event which was planned for tomorrow has been postponed to next weekend which is sensible.   Because there are a lot of hoof marks on the stable wall we think Ollie got himself stuck rolling  and pulled a muscle getting back on his feet.  We hope he will get over it quickly but if he shows any sign of discomfort we will run Tom single in our new 2-wheeler at the next event.   

09 Jan 2010
- Just finished extending the shafts of the Minicrown.  We will get them painted tomorrow and then its just a wait until the weather is good enough to try it out.     

05 Jan 2010
- Loads of snow.  Some pictures here.

01 Jan 2010
- Happy New Year to everybody.  Weather is quite cold so the ponies have been going out in the garden paddock because it is frozen solid.  We are trying to keep this paddock tidy and if things warm up a bit they will have to go back to our rather muddier field up in the village.  Too much ice about on the roads for driving so Jac has been riding Ollie and towing Tom for exercise.